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she is the most bueatiful lady in her school she didn't won in the beauty peaghent queen but later in her next year she won she had transffered from america so all the boys and girls adored her but they left yemada whop is the beautifulest girl she became non- adore so she have got jealous from kyoka which means that kanejou kyoka and yamada are rivals in beauty.

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she have lees sex than her but also on an other side she have still kosuda and she would take keiichi kanejou and she alsio have a good qualities too compared to kamejou-san her history says that she is the most cute girl every body wants a picture from her andwant to be with her and have sex with her but her negative thoughs always in her mind thats why she doesn't want them she searched for  a sex partner until she finds takashi kosuda but he was expecting her as bieng strange but later he liked her tiny bit but she wants to tell him to have sex but she came whenever she comes near her her pulse comes higher and she can't stand a little bit  then she runs away but then her friend takeshita told her not to worry anymore then she didn,t until her rival came who is kanejou kyoka and they became haters and she took the light s from yamada then on one day yamada came to her house then they talked about it then kyoka challenged her  which made yamada and kosuda become more nearer to each other and make kyoka failed to tke kosuda from her which was the reason that yamada and kosuda would have sex