Kanejo Kyoka
B-Gata-H-Kei 320x480 Kyoka-Kanejo
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Family Kanejo Keiichi (Older brother by 4 years)
Voice Actor Kristi Kang
Seiyuu Yū Kobayashi
Debut Anime
Debut Manga

Kanejo Kyoka is a character in B Gata H Kei and is Yamada's rival. She is extremely wealthy, and refers to herself as a "perfectionist."


Kanejo is a slim young Japanese "American" teenager with beautiful plum hair and purple eyes. She has pale creamy skin and a slender figure. She has C cup breasts and long nice legs. Her hair is shoulder length and is thick and bouncy. When she's at school she wears the normal school uniform: Long sleeved V-Neck and plain white 3-buttoned shirt with collar underneath, short dark navy blue skirt and knee high dark navy blue socks with plimsolls.

She is always shown with comical sparkles around her head, a trait she shares with her older brother Kanejo.

Personality Edit

She is often depicted as very talented at anything she does, often leading Yamada feeling jealous.

She is in love with her brother Keiichi to an insane degree; she even has a special room with photos of him in it.