Miharu Takeshita
200670-45512 large
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Family  ?
Voice Actor Cherami Leigh
Seiyuu Yui Horie
Debut Anime Ep 1
Debut Manga Chap 1

Miharu Takeshita is the best friend and classmate of Yamada. Despite her friend's prurient interests, Miharu tries her best to be of help even going so far as to invite Takashi on a double date at the water park. At times she is the subject of Yamada's envy due to her busts of which earned her moniker "F-shita" as a reference to her cup size. She also has a boyfriend whom she rarely talks about because of Yamada and her lewdness.


Miharu is young teenage girl who is average height with short black/very dark purple hair that reaches up to her shoulders and curves slightly inwards. The style of her hair exposes most of her forehead She has pale skin and midnight blue eyes. Miharu is a girl who has very big breasts which earned her the moniker "F-Shita" as a reference to her cup size. Miharu is shown to have a slender figure which is shown when she goes to the waterpark with a boyfriend along with Yamada and Kosuda. Miharu's hair is parted down the middle. At school she wears the normal school uniform: Long sleeved V-Neck Jumper (Rarely shortsleeved) and a plain white 3 buttoned T-shirt underneath (She only buttons one) She wears a dark blue navy skirt and dark blue navy knee high socks with plimsols.