Mayu Miyano
B Gata H Kei - 02 - Large 39

Miyano's full appearance

Miyano Mayu is one of the main characters and is shown to be timid, helpful, thoughtful as well as innocent and gentle although she can be clumsy from time to time as well as having no sense of direction. She also has a secret crush on Takashi Kosuda but doesn't have the courage to confess. Due to her close history with Takashi Kosuda, being neighbour and friends since elementary school, she is perceived by Yamada as a rival for his virginity as well as a subject of jealousy as Mayu's breast size is a F cup. However, Takeshita Miharu thought that she was the ideal and best girl that Takashi should have date and form a relationship with. Despite her best attempts to confess her feelings for Takashi, Takashi was still oblivious to her feelings, thinking her actions and attempts were acts of returning flavours as neighbours and friends. The reason is due to when Mayu mistakens his elder sister, Kazuki Kosuda, as a boy and have a crush and feelings for her until it was revealed to be his elder sister. As she stated that she had liked someone else, Takashi thought it was another boy with the same name. She also has a sex god who was in a form of a fairy and is also as innocent as her, She is 14 years old, probably she will get 15 soon.


Mayu is a a young teenage girl who is average height and has very large breasts (The same size has Miharu Takeshita's). She has creamy pale skin and a slender figure. She has dark, straight, brown hair that reaches to just after her shoulders and violet purple eyes. She wears round glasses and has a fringe. At school, she wears the normal school uniform: A long sleeved V-Neck jumper (sometimes shortsleveed) with a plain white 3 buttoned T-Shirt underneath. She wears a navy blue skirt, navy knee high socks, and plimsols.